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LASSA Executive Team (2021-22)

We are your elected executives for LASSA, the ones who organize the events, represent you to the AMS and GSS, and we’re eager to hear what you have to say. Get to know us and what we do!

Caitlin Purdome (they/them)


Hi, I’m Caitlin! I’m serving as LASSA Co-President this year along with Megan. I’m a second-year student in the dual MASLIS program the FNCC program. I entered the iSchool as an MLIS student, and I’m excited to dive into the archival side of things this year. I recently relocated to Vancouver from the traditional territory of the Aak’w Kwaan Tlingit people in what is now called Juneau, Alaska. Outside of school, I love to go on hikes in BC, play board games, read on the beach, and spend time with my cat. Please feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions – I love to hear from folks!

Megan Cohen (she/her)


Hello! I’m Megan, a second year MAS student and LASSA co-president. I’m from the traditional lands of the Chochenyo and Ohlone peoples, more often called the San Francisco Bay Area, and am so excited to be in Vancouver with you all this year. My academic focus is mostly in digital records management and information risk assessment. In my spare time, I’m a passionate hiker and I LOVE cooking great food from scratch. I’m genuinely so excited to be on campus with you all! Feel free to ask any questions about anything– if I can’t answer them, I’ll be sure to point you towards someone who can.

Amber Lamboo (she/her)


I’m Amber, the LASSA Secretary. I’ll be starting my second and final year of the MLIS program in September. I’m a recovering lawyer from Winnipeg and I can’t wait to spend this coming year in Vancouver (finally!). When I’m not doing schoolwork or working, I’m usually reading, baking, knitting, and watching copious amounts of TV. I’m always happy to answer any questions, so feel free to contact me!

Mya Ballin (she/her)


Hailing from Mountain View, CA (traditional lands of the Ramaytush and Tamyen Ohlone), Mya is a third year DUAL student in the FNCC. She is very excited to continue to represent you as treasurer this year! In addition to her position with LASSA, she is involved with IDEAS@UBC (the iSchool’s organization for racialized students), ACA@UBC, Out on the Shelves, and the Health Libraries Association of British Columbia. Mya has also sat on several iSchool committees as a student representative and works as a research assistant for iSchool faculty member Jennifer Douglas. She is happy to field any questions regarding LASSA’s finances, being an iSchool student, or anything else she might be able to help with. Please feel free to reach out!

Jenna Lawrence (she/her)

Events Coordinator

Hello! I’m Jenna, your Event Co-Ordinator for this year. I’m in my final year of the MLIS program. I’m from the UK, and I spent 8ish years working in public and academic libraries there, before moving to Canada in January 2020 to do this degree! I’m also the co-chair for UBC YAACS, the iSchool student chapter of BCLA’s Young Adult and Children’s Services Section. I’m a workaholic, so in my spare time I also help out with four other committees and accidentally organise events for my friends, but the rest of the time I read (shocking, I know), play D&D and knit. I love meeting new people, so if you have an event you’d like us to co-ordinate, or just wanna chat, feel free to get in touch!

Hannah Oudenaar (she/her)

Communications Officer

Hi all! I’m Hannah, the communications officer, so I’ll be the one pestering you with emails and adding emojis to the Discord server! I’ll be starting the second year of my MLIS in September. I’ll be moving to Vancouver from Winnipeg in Treaty 1 territory. I’m a workaholic and have spent the last 2 years working in 2 different bookstores and a public library. But I’ve also recently discovered I’m an extrovert so this work mixes the 2 things I love most, talking to other people and books. In my free time I like to read, journal, hike, cross stitch, play games, and gather as many of the people that I love as possible into one room (virtual rooms if required). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or Discord emoji suggestions!

Kira Vandermeulen (she/her)

Engagement Coordinator/GSS Rep

Hi, I’m Kira and I’m excited to be a part of LASSA as Engagement Coordinator and GSS Representative! I’ll be connecting with iSchool clubs, as well as attending the GSS’s meetings and keeping everyone up to date on what is happening among grad students. If there’s anything that you want to discuss about clubs or know about GSS activities, I’m your person!

Leila Matte-Kaci (she/her)


My name is Leïla Matte-Kaci, and I am one of your Graduate Student Society representatives which means that it is my job to represent the interest of iSchool students in the larger graduate student body. I am also the president of the British Columbia Librarians Association- Student Chapter, so if there are events you would like us to host for MLIS students, I would be happy to hear from you. Finally, I am an MLIS student and a former MACL student, and I will never forget students in the MACL program no matter how few there are in a given year. My hobbies include walking around the iSchool in children’s literature related costumes, dancing like it’s 1809, and hosting theme movie nights with theme-related food (Agatha Christie is better with tea and finger sandwiches).

Sophie Penniman (she/they)


Hi, I’m Sophie, the LASSA AMS rep! I’m originally from Austin, Texas, and I’m entering my second year of the Dual MAS/MLIS program. I’m excited to help navigate this year of transitions back to campus!

Shannon Murray (she/her)

Faculty of Arts Rep

Hi everyone! I’m Shannon and I am the Faculty of Arts Representative. I am a second-year MLIS student and am excited to be continuing to serve the student body through LASSA. Please reach out to me with question or concerns, as I am your liaison to the Faculty of Arts.

Rhys Delios (they/them)

MaCL Rep

Rhys Delios is a MaCL student entering their second year of study at the iSchool and is this terms MaCL representative for LASSA, as well as the 2021-2022 president of the Children’s Literature Student Association (CLSA). They are queer and trans non-binary (they/them) and have a passion for children’s and young adult literatures. Their research interests include the intersections queer fiction, comics, and fantasy literatures. They are passionate about diverse representation in children’s media and love watching (and talking about) young people’s animated shows and movies.

Bri Watson (they/them)

PhD Rep

B.M. Watson is (@brimwats) white queer nonbinary settler living in Tsleil-Waututh. They are PhD student at UBC’s iSchool focusing on equitable cataloging in libraries, archives, and museums & how they can use community-supported terminology. They have a MLIS from Indiana University focusing on archives and digital humanities and a MA in history of sexuality and the book from Drew University. They serve as the Archivist-Historia\n of APA’s Consensual Non-Monogamy Taskforce and on the Editorial Board of the Homosaurus.