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iSchool Clubs

LASSA supports a number of clubs at the iSchool, including student chapters of professional organizations, special interests, and other affiliations. Join one as a member to get the latest info on events, or become an executive to get valuable teamwork and leadership experience! Many of the clubs have their own Discord servers so get in touch with them if you’d like to join!

ACA (Association of Canadian Archivists, Student Chapter)

The ACA@UBC is the UBC student chapter of the Association of Canadian Archivists. We exist to encourage student involvement in the archival community and to interact with other archival students, both at UBC and across Canada.

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ALA (American Library Association, Student Chapter)

We are the student chapter of the American Library Association (ALA) at the University of British Columbia’s School of Information. Students at UBC’s School of Info came together to form the first ALA student chapter at UBC during Winter Term 1, 2010. We are the 60th student chapter of ALA, and are one of three ALA student chapters in Canada. The ALA is made up of volunteer members — including 2,000 international members — who advocate for all things library related. This includes pushing for equitable access to information, intellectual freedom, and information literacy, as well as supporting the library profession by holding conferences, offering professional development opportunities, and setting standards for library school accreditation.  The student chapter at the School of Information functions to connect students with ALA resources, facilitate the collaboration of students with ALA members and affiliated groups, and broaden students’ conceptions of the library and the librarian profession.

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BCLA (British Columbia Library Association, Student Chapter)

We are the UBC Chapter of the BC Library Association. We connect iSchool students with members of the BC library community, and facilitate discussion and learning about issues, trends, and opportunities in BC-based librarianship.

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Doctoral Student Association 

The DSA serves as an organizing structure to foster our community of PhD students while serving the needs of its individual members. The DSA communicates with the Faculty, other university bodies, students, and interested individuals to represent the voices of current PhD students involved in studies at the iSchool at the University of British Columbia.

UBC IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access & Safe Space)

We are a collective of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) students at the iSchool and UBC. IDEAS is a place to meet and discuss current issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the LAIS field, share resources, and build community. Allies welcome in a non-active role, but BIPOC always welcome to join us.

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MACL (Masters of Childrens Literature)

A club for iSchool students in the Masters of Children’s Literature program.

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Out on the Shelves Library (OOTS)

Not an official club, but a big part of iSchool student life and work! Out On The Shelves is a non-profit, community LGBTQ2IA+ library built and cared for by volunteers, librarians, and librarians-in-training who are committed to anti-oppressive social justice work. Although we are located on UBC’s West Point Grey campus, we are not officially affiliated with UBC or its libraries.

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PLG (Progressive Librarians Guild)

As current and future information professionals, how can we address current crises in health, economics, climate and politics, as they relate to our profession? Let’s learn, talk, and make change.

We are a newly reinstated group currently making integral decisions about our organisational structure and our goals. Join us to help form what PLG will be going forward and to assist us in becoming an official student chapter of the PLG!

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SLA (Special Libraries Association, Student Chapter)

The University of British Columbia SLA Student Chapter (SLA@UBC) was formed in 1998 in response to growing interest in special librarianship among the students at UBC’s iSchool.  SLA @UBC offers events such as tours and Q&A sessions with special libraries, and will be networking with the parent SLA chapter to provide professional development opportunities for students. As SLA@UBC continues to offer virtual events throughout the pandemic, all iSchool students who are interested in special librarianship are welcome to participate in chapter activities. However, once in-person activities are resumed, students interested in attending events will be required to become club members. Visit the SLA membership page for further information.

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YAACS (Young Adult and Children’s Services, Student Chapter)

We are the student chapter of YAACS: the British Columbia Library Association’s Young Adult and Children’s Section. We connect students at the iSchool with the BCLA YAACS organization, promote events related to services for Young Adults and Children, and provide opportunities to network with fellow students and professionals interested in youth services. We hold monthly YAACS Chats to discuss children’s and youth literature, services, and careers. Our Chairs – Tiffany and Vanessa – represent the chapter at BCLA YAACS meetings. You don’t have to be a children’s or youth orientated librarian to join us! We welcome anyone interested in youth or children’s services, even if that just means you read the occasional YA novel.

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If you are thinking about starting a new club, we’re here to help!
You can contact us with questions about the process, or if you need help navigating the AMS.

You can also contact us if you are considering restoring a dormant club. Those include: ASIS&T (Association for Information Science and Technology, Student Chapter), CAPAL (Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians, Student Chapter), CHLA (Canadian Health Libraries Association, Student Chapter), CritLAIS, Librarians without Borders, ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization), LKO, AMALA, SLAIS Gamers, and DSG.

Questions about clubs?

Contact LASSA’s Clubs Liaison!